Oh, oh, retro!

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May 282012

If you follow Mar on twitter you’ll have seen her squealing about the awesome stuff available at the Retro Swap Meet on The Wash sim. Prices are as low as L$10 or less, and there’s tons of stuff, from 1920s glamourpusses to 50s and 60s vixens and 70s foxy chicks. Guys, there’s some nice retro pieces available for you, too!

Mar’s put together a great summery look from three pieces bought at the Retro Swap Meet (L$10 per item, so a total of L$30) plus two group gifts.

The hair is a fabulous subscribe-o-matic gift from Truth Hair. Battle your way through the crowds (the store is always packed) and – if you’re not already in the subscribe-o, give it a click and wait until you’re registered. Once you see that you’ve been added to the database you (and anyone already in the group) can click again, choose ‘history’ from the menu and navigate to the most recent notice, dated May 26th. Click the relevant number and wait until you’re sent the gift. Inside you’ll find a full fatpack of the gorgeous Jessie mesh hair.

Mar’s Micha Top (tropical) is from the Artilleri stall at the Retro Swap Meet. You’ll get a pack of three tops for L$10 there. Her shoes and jewellery are from the Ear Candy stall, here. Her capris are from the free Aqua Halter and White Capris set from Moulliez, here on Marketplace. And, finally, her (hilariously-named!) Studious Tart glasses are from a humungous fatpack sent out to members of the Nomine subscribe-o-matic.

The Retro Swap Meet finishes on June 6th, so you have another week to check it all out :)

Victoriana of most excellent value!

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Feb 192012

Hi peeps! Following on from my Quick Freebie Fix post of a few days ago, I decided to hop around the grid and poke around Marketplace to find some gorgeous Victorian gowns for you, both freebie and extremely cheapie!

Hop behind the cut for bounteous bustles :)

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Quick freebie fix: Free Victorian day dress and hat

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Feb 162012

Hi peeps! Here’s a quick freebie fix for the ladies contemplating a venture into the Victorian side of Second Life, such as can be found in the lands of Caledon. To a T has a free day dress and matching hat just inside the store:

Your carriage awaits!