Jan 262013

Hi, peeps!

Wow. I can’t believe that Mar’s been in-world for five years now! I know I’ve not been blogging as much lately (RL is pretty busy and I don’t have much energy to run around and find freebies/cheapies, or write up long illustrated tutorials), but I just had to celebrate the occasion with five new looks, all culled from Marketplace (with one in-world group gifty).

Hop behind the cut, for five fabby, cheapie looks!

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The colour purple

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Nov 032012

You know it’s Mar’s favourite colour, right? ;)

Well, before today she had never tried her nifty Marketplace searching tip for ‘purple’. And when she did, she ended up with an amazing full avatar look, for a total cost of just L$23.


All items from Marketplace
– Resyva: Free Skin [ link ] L$1
– Sakide: Exposed Top [ link ] free
– Sakide: Pearly Skirt Belt Purple [ link ] free
– Street Kandy: Tempt Boot [ link ] L$10
– A&A: Gloria Hair Moonlight [ link ] L$1
– Taffy: Happy Halloween Eyes [ link ] L$1
– Mad Echo: Sculpted Fabulous Nails [ link ] L$10

Take note: where the skirt is called a ‘belt skirt’ – it really is! Definitely saucy and butt-revealing ;)

Also, the nails are not scripted, so they won’t ‘stick’ to your fingers. A handy freebie to have in this case is the AnyPose Expression HUD from Phate Shepherd Creations, which not only allows you to direct your avatar’s eyes wherever you want them to look, but also lets you pose their hands. Used the ‘both hands relaxed’ option with unscripted prim nails, to prevent that horrible splayed hands effect, which leaves your nails floating in space!

Weekend smarts with R.icielli, YS&YS, and MichaMi

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Oct 062012

Holy cow, I haven’t blogged a Dressing Room collection for ages! The new one is a good’un, though, so here are a couple of items from it, together with one item from the latest mesh clothing hunt at R.icielli :)

The Statement in Pink mesh skirt is from MichaMi at The Dressing Room. Mar has teamed it with just one item – the Blake Jacket in black – from R.icielli’s new Halloween Mesh Hunt, at their mainstore’s mesh department. There are 20 items hidden in the store (they’re very easy to find; just look for the big pumpkins!). Each item costs L$15 to buy, so even if you grab the lot you’ll only be spending roughly what you might pay for any full-price mesh item at any top store :)

Mar’s skin is the oh-so-pretty Sofia Fresh skin from YS&YS at The Dressing Room, and her earrings are a free group gift from Bliensen + Maitai at the Violet Mafia location. Paste this link into chat and click it to join the Violet Mafia group (it’s free, but a busy group, so you might want to disable group notices and check manually once a week), then head to the Violet Mafia Headquarters & Speakeasy, where you’ll find tons of great freebies. Just wear your Violet Mafia group tag and get clicking!

Not free/cheap items in the pic: Shoes are by HoC Industries, hair by Truth, eyes by IKON, nails by Love Soul, poses by Glitterati.

Hop behind the cut for a pic of all the items in the R.icielli hunt :)

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Monkey Blue!

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Apr 072012

UPDATE: The Baby Monkey group is no longer free-to-join.

Hi peeps! Here’s a quick freebie fix, all from one location: Baby Monkey!

The sweater is from the group gift wall (the group is free to join – paste this link into chat and click on it to bring up the join window, then with your tag enabled click the items on the gift wall), the boots are from the lucky boards in the main room, and the mesh skirt is from the Midnight Mania board upstairs in the Mesh Room. (Remember, you need to be using a mesh-enabled viewer such as the official Second Life viewer, or Firestorm etc, to be able to see mesh items.)

Edit: Sorry, peeps. Getting comment-spammed to hell on these latest three posts, so I’m disabling comments on them.

Summer huntin’, had me a blast

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Aug 122011

OK, this has probably been blogged to hell and back everywhere else, but I’ve been away and it’s my turn to blog it, dammit! :P

R.icielli is running a Summer Hunt at their mainstore. There are 20 golden shells to find (they’re really easy to spot, so it’s a simple hunt) and inside each shell is a fabulous item. The shells cost L$15 each to buy, but consider this: if you buy all of them you’ll be getting 20 items for the price of one or two of the most expensive items in the store. That’s one heck of a bargain!

Here are just three of the items that Mar put together into a great outfit:

Hop behind the cut for a picture of what you’re looking for and a full list of everything available in the hunt :)

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Aug 122011

Yes, I’m back. There’s a longer post over at my Ponderings blog, if you want to read more.

So… back to it! Where to begin? OK, how about with the current TDR Blue collection, because it’s still summer (at least here in the northern hemisphere) and as soon as Mar spotted this gorgeous skirt from Tee*fy she had to have it! Also from the TDR Blue collection this month is the LeoLuxe belt from Mimikri (and I love the resizing options on this; they let you resize in different directions instead of just making the whole belt bigger, so if you’ve got a plush bottom you can accommodate that without having the belt be six inches too wide sideways!)

The top is from the current Summer Hunt at R.icielli (more on that in the post to follow), the skin is a group gift from Exodi (hop behind the cut for info on that!) and the flipflops are lovely little cheapies from Magi Take.

Hop behind the cut!

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Funky Monkey!

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Apr 072011

There are new group gifts out in the Baby Monkey store! Join the Baby Monkey Junkies group (free-to-join) and enable the group tag before heading to the store. Inside you’ll find a lovely skirt (which Mar didn’t have time to take a piccy of – sorry!) and two gorgeous pairs of shoes.

These are the Ultimate Eva shoes in wine, and they go fabulously well with the free Pixeldolls dress I blogged about a few days ago!

Hop behind the cut for the other pair :)

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Smoocher, or shopper? Here’s some Valentine’s goodies for you, no matter what you plan to be!

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Feb 132011

It doesn’t matter whether you’re all for the hearts-n-flowers stuff or whether you’re feeling sort of ‘bah’ grumpypants over it (heck, we’ve all probably been both at some point). The fact is that the red and pink stuff is inescapable in Second Life, as it is every year. Luckily, Mar’s got some cute finds for you, no matter whether you’re googly-eyed or grumpypants this year ;)

Hop behind the cut!

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