A full Bento head for just L$150? (Part 2) – Guys, it’s your turn now!

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Jun 172018

Hi peeps!

Well boys, it’s time to get those skates on and leg it to the Akeruka store, because your free anniversary Bento mesh head gift has just been released, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

This offer will only be open until 1st July 2018, so hurry up and grab it!

The Akeruka group costs L$150 to join (link here) and you need to be in the group and with your group tag active in order to get the head. Go to the Akeruka store (be warned: it’s going to be busy and laggy!) and cam inside the male heads section of the store. Just inside the entry you’ll see three big images on the wall. You want the one in the middle. It looks like this:

Right-click either the main image or one of the two small boxes beneath it, and pay it L$1. You will be refunded that money immediately and then you’ll be sent your free Bento mesh head! (The two small boxes are additional servers, which the store has put out so the main server doesn’t get overwhelmed. Only pay the server ONCE and then wait.)

This is a fantastic gift from Akeruka. The guys in SL get short shrift when it comes to finding cheap and free items, and Bento heads are no exception. The average Bento head costs around L$5000, so you’re getting an awesome bargain here.

And you don’t get just the head! Inside the folder you’ll find a plethora of things, from all the various customisation and animation HUDs (screenshots of those will be further down this post) to a fantastic pack of ALL the matching body appliers in Omega format, for Signature, Slink, and Belleza bodies – in both shaved and hairy versions. (And, since they’re Omega, they might work on other Omega-compatible bodies. I think the only reason they’re called ‘Omega – Signature’ etc is because the mapping of the bodies is slightly different, and so things like nipples and muscles may not be 100% in the right place on other bodies. Give them a try on your mesh body, though, and see which one – if any – works!)

The HUDs come with lots of extra options, including brows and hairbases, facial hair, and eyes (both human and catlike/animal). You even get guyliner and lipstick (so you can get your goth on!) and facial scars and tattoos. Some screenshots of the HUDs are below:

Mar’s male look for this post comes courtesy of Caligula and Polo Paul. While the Caligula items are a bit out of the usual L$75 remit for most clothing etc on this blog, they’re well worth it when you see the sheer amount of options available!

The jacket costs L$99 and comes in fits for Adam, Signature, Aesthetic, Slink, plus two fitmesh options and standard sizing (which can be worn with non-mesh bodies). Inside each pack – once you’ve opened the one you want, you’ll find the jacket with turtleneck comes in 12 colour options! The boots are also L$99 and come in fits for Adam, Signature, Aesthetic, Slink, TMP, and standard avatars. (They’re also all re-sizeable with a single click.) Once you’ve opened your shoes size of choice you’ll find 12 colours, each with two versions (one with tiny studs around the sole seam, and one without). And finally, the jeans are from an outfit by Polo Paul, at L$55, and the hair is a freebie fatpack at the Exile store.

The head also takes other Omega appliers (if you have the Akeruka Omega relay, which is available in the store for L$99). Here it is with the latest male group gift ‘Ake’ head and body Omega applier from 7 Deadly Skins (the group is L$225 to join)

Weekend smarts with R.icielli, YS&YS, and MichaMi

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Oct 062012

Holy cow, I haven’t blogged a Dressing Room collection for ages! The new one is a good’un, though, so here are a couple of items from it, together with one item from the latest mesh clothing hunt at R.icielli :)

The Statement in Pink mesh skirt is from MichaMi at The Dressing Room. Mar has teamed it with just one item – the Blake Jacket in black – from R.icielli’s new Halloween Mesh Hunt, at their mainstore’s mesh department. There are 20 items hidden in the store (they’re very easy to find; just look for the big pumpkins!). Each item costs L$15 to buy, so even if you grab the lot you’ll only be spending roughly what you might pay for any full-price mesh item at any top store :)

Mar’s skin is the oh-so-pretty Sofia Fresh skin from YS&YS at The Dressing Room, and her earrings are a free group gift from Bliensen + Maitai at the Violet Mafia location. Paste this link into chat and click it to join the Violet Mafia group (it’s free, but a busy group, so you might want to disable group notices and check manually once a week), then head to the Violet Mafia Headquarters & Speakeasy, where you’ll find tons of great freebies. Just wear your Violet Mafia group tag and get clicking!

Not free/cheap items in the pic: Shoes are by HoC Industries, hair by Truth, eyes by IKON, nails by Love Soul, poses by Glitterati.

Hop behind the cut for a pic of all the items in the R.icielli hunt :)

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Boho chic at The Wash’s Cart Sale

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Sep 182011

UPDATE: The Cart Sale is now over.

The huge L$10 cart sale at The Wash is ongoing, and ends on September 28th. There are loads of little carts all rezzed in the road, with nothing on them costing over L$10. Mar’s put together a great boho look for just L$60 in total. Guys, there’s quite a bit of male stuff on the carts, too, so head over to check it out! (And, boys, don’t forget that things like the [email protected] jeans in this post can be worn by male avatars, too. Just because the model on the ad is a girl that doesn’t mean you can’t try the clothing out!)

The pants are from the [email protected] cart, which is full of Ivey’s usual gorgeous goodies (and you can’t sniff at those prices, either). The skin is one of several offered on the Style by Kira cart. The top and jacket are from the Allusions cart (L$10 per item) which also has lots of other lovely stuff. And the boots and necklace are L$10 each from the Battle Fairy cart (the necklace is on one side and the brown boots are on the other side). Mar’s hair is from the huge freebie Adena fatpack at Amacci.

Hop behind the cut for more Amacci freebies, and a pic of an even more boho (but sadly not free) hair that Mar wore to complete this look!

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Smoocher, or shopper? Here’s some Valentine’s goodies for you, no matter what you plan to be!

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Feb 132011

It doesn’t matter whether you’re all for the hearts-n-flowers stuff or whether you’re feeling sort of ‘bah’ grumpypants over it (heck, we’ve all probably been both at some point). The fact is that the red and pink stuff is inescapable in Second Life, as it is every year. Luckily, Mar’s got some cute finds for you, no matter whether you’re googly-eyed or grumpypants this year ;)

Hop behind the cut!

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Christmas goodies!

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Dec 242010

Welcome to the new blog, peeps! We’ll kick off the first real-time, non-archived posts with some Christmas goodies, and boy are there some fabby ones out there.

The first stunner is from the [email protected] group (300L join fee). You’ll receive a gorgeous flirty dress, a lovely cocktail ring, and this twin-pose wintry window scene:

Hop behind the cut for tons more goodies!

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