Dec 132012

There seems to be a disturbing upward trend in the number (and methods) of panhandlers in Second Life.

We’re all used to seeing them pop up in large, free-to-join groups, asking for “just L$50 until I get paid”. Indeed, one of the main reasons why so many groups that were once free-to-join now charge a minimum of L$50 (and, in some cases, multiple hundreds of L$) to join is to prevent both spammers and panhandlers from annoying their group members.

In recent months, though, I’ve both experienced and been notified about, new panhandling tactics. I hope this post will serve as a warning that they are out there, that they are getting more and more skilful, and hopefully I can help you to spot some of their tactics.

The main difference is this: The new panhandlers are far more willing to spend time, one-on-one, with another avatar, be it in person or (more usually) in IM. I’ve heard reports of upwards of 10 minutes’ general chitchat before the panhandler gets to the point: they just need x amount of money to help them out.

Hop behind the cut.

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