Useful gadgets #2: The Eternity Teleporter Pad

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Jun 242012

It’s been a long time since I wrote my first Useful Gadgets post (in fact, it was so long ago that it was on the old blog!) but I’m back with another in the series, and this time it’s for something many of us use: teleporters.

This particular teleporter is not only completely free, it’s modifiable and very easy to customise. I use it at my home location, and I can set up each pad in a matter of two minutes. While it’s not as fancy as some of the pricey, networked pad systems you can buy, it’s still great for moving between levels in a store or between your land-based home and skybox(es)!

Hop behind the cut!

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A no-newbie look for nuffink!

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Aug 282011

Want to get rid of those newbie looks, fast and on the cheap? Here’s a great, casual no-newbie look that costs you absolutely nothing. All you’ll need is a bit of time and patience.

Note: This post is written for newbies, so it’s a lot more detailed than my usual outfit posts. Oldbies, you can still get this stuff, too!

Hop behind the cut to find out how to get it :)

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May 152011

NOTE: The Expo is now over. (I’m still seeing on my blog stats that people are clicking the links to go there. The expo was during May 2011 and isn’t running now!)

Hi, peeps! I’ve just been running around the Skin and Shape Expo 2011, trying to find all of the freebies and cheapies for you.

Behind the cut you’ll find a simple list, with SLurls (because I literally don’t have time to take pics of all these for you!) You’ll most likely arrive at the landing point in the middle of each region, so what I suggest you do is paste each region’s list into chat before you leave your home, then – once you’re in the region – click each SLurl and select ‘Show on Map’. That will give you a red arrow to follow in order to find the relevant booth.

Please note: a few of the booths haven’t been filled yet. Also, if you see a store you like, grab a landmark and make sure to check out their full-priced items when you have a little spare cash!

Hop behind the cut for the list :)

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