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Musing on Musa – Gorgeous gifty eyes for LeLutka EvoX heads, from !Musa!

Musing on Musa – Gorgeous gifty eyes for LeLutka EvoX heads, from !Musa!

Hi peeps, I come bearing news of free peepers!

Today’s find is a lovely set of gift eye appliers for LeLutka EvoX heads, which you’ll receive as a gift when you join the subscriber at !Musa!

The HUD contains five pretty shades, ranging from pale blue to grey, as shown below:

Image showing a HUD containing five eye textures. From left to right they are pale lilac, pale aqua, a mix of lilac and aqua, pale grey, and pale blue.

In the picture at the top of this post, Mar is wearing the greyish-toned eyes, second from right on the HUD.

Beside the subscriber kiosk at !Musa! you’ll also find several bags of older subscriber gifts. I couldn’t get the one on the right to work, but the other six did! I added all of the HUDs together, so you can see each of the older subscriber gift eyes, below:

Image showing six individual eye colour HUDs. The colours shown are a mix of purples, with one grey eye and one in a circular rainbow hue.

I love those, because… purple! (If you’re new to the blog, you might not know that Mar’s favourite colour is purple, although she seems to be in a bit of a pink phase at the moment – lol!) All of these older gifts contain both BoM (system) eyes, and an Omega applier HUD, which you can use on pretty much any mesh head on the SL grid. Please check the documentation of your preferred head, as some of them will accept Omega appliers natively, and some will need an additional Omega ‘relay’ HUD to be worn when using the appliers. Omega relays can be purchased from the Omega Solutions store, either in-world or on Marketplace.