Free, low-prim skybox at Domicile

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Mar 172013

Hi peeps!

There’s a free, low-prim skybox in lovely warm brown tones in the Midnight Mania board at Domicile. It’s 20×20 and 18 prims, and it’s a limited edition that won’t be put out for sale. (There’s a monochrome version that is for sale, and that’s 75L$, so you’re getting a good bargain!)

The board was at 10/35 slaps when I got there, so hurry over and get it to 35 before midnight SLT:

Right below the board is a heap of lucky boards, too. Hop behind the cut for a pic of those, and the SLurl to get you to the store!

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Monkey Blue!

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Apr 072012

UPDATE: The Baby Monkey group is no longer free-to-join.

Hi peeps! Here’s a quick freebie fix, all from one location: Baby Monkey!

The sweater is from the group gift wall (the group is free to join – paste this link into chat and click on it to bring up the join window, then with your tag enabled click the items on the gift wall), the boots are from the lucky boards in the main room, and the mesh skirt is from the Midnight Mania board upstairs in the Mesh Room. (Remember, you need to be using a mesh-enabled viewer such as the official Second Life viewer, or Firestorm etc, to be able to see mesh items.)

Edit: Sorry, peeps. Getting comment-spammed to hell on these latest three posts, so I’m disabling comments on them.

Quick Freebie Fix: Pink shoes in the MM at Baby Monkey

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Apr 232011

Girls! Need a quick freebie fix? Come slap the Midnight Mania board at Baby Monkey, to get these lovely pink Yvette Pumps:

As long as 100 people click the board today, at midnight tonight the shoes will be delivered to everyone who registered before the board locked down :)