Falling for Apple Fall

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Dec 092018

Hi peeps!

A little something different from me today. Apple Fall is one of my favourite homeware stores in SL, and they have just put out a lovely permanent freebie. But there are also several other nice little freebies in the store, if you know where (and how!) to look. In the lobby area of the store you’ll find the Happy Santa figures at the top of the post, but the big freebie is just to the left of the landing spot:

This is the Hetton Barn. It’s a 50LI always-free gift from Apple Fall, and it’s gorgeous! Perfect for any season, it’s a cosy little home with one level. The house footprint is just 7m x 12m so it will fit on even the smallest of plots.

To add a bit of decor to your home, I ran around the store finding what freebies I could. I’ll show you piccies, but you can head to the store to find their exact location!

Freebie #01 is these two individual colanders, found on top of an old stove:

Freebie #02 is these magazine files, found inside a wooden shelving unit:

Freebie #03 is this beautiful pair of magnifiers, found on a low table:

Freebie #04 is these plaster candlesticks, found on the floor by a comfy couch:

Freebies #06, #07, and #08 are these wine bottles, wine glasses, and whisky decanter, found on a travel trunk-style coffee table:

And the mega-freebie section (again, on an ‘always free’ basis) can be found on one corner of the store. There are four chairs, lots of different balloons, some cakes and macarons, a coral sculpture, some gourd cloches, and some gardening tools:

Head to Apple Fall and pick up some lovely decor items today :)

Mar’s Guide to: Making a little hideaway for yourself

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Apr 072012

If there’s one thing a lot of us want in SL, it’s a little place to call our own. Previously, I’ve given you a tutorial to make a very simple little 10m skybox to get changed in (and live in, if you want!) but that method doesn’t give you much leeway for decorating the walls; it’s more of a one-texture-all-over kind of thing.

To that end, here is a slightly more detailed tutorial for building a small skybox home of your own. This one is adaptable to any size, although I’ve only worked with a 10m box. It allows much greater texture customisation of the walls, and I’ve included a really nifty little hint about how to save prims, which is something we all want to do when we own land. Every land parcel only allows you so many prims, so every few you can shave off here and there gives you more to put towards something else, like furniture :)

Today’s guide will show you how to make a bright spring hideaway, full of gorgeous colour. I’m also going to show you a few cheap (and free) decor items that go nicely with this spring hideaway, and over the next few months I hope to be able to re-use this hideaway, re-texturing and re-furnishing it to show you different ideas.

Hop behind the cut, and let’s get stuck in to building!

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