Useful Scripts

Place your cursor in the box, hit CTRL+A (CMD+A on a Mac) to select all text, then CTRL+C (CMD+C) to copy.

Pose HUD Script
Click to place your avatar in classic 'star jump' pose to help with adjusting prims. No need to rez a pose stand!
Tutorial can be found here.

Scrubber Script
Will remove all lingering effects, such as bling particles, hovering text, texture animations etc, from modifiable prims.
Tutorial can be found here (old blog)

Pose Stand Script
Place into a prim and sit on the prim to put your avatar into a 'starjump' pose so you can edit prims that you're wearing more easily.
Tutorial can be found here (old blog)

Landmark-Giver HUD Script
Place into a spherical prim and fill with landmarks (rename them with short names, eg: the name of the store).
Resize prim to approx 0.100 and attach to a HUD position.
When clicked, the HUD will give a menu. Click menu to open map view for that location.
Tutorial can be found here (old blog)

Simple Hovering Text Script
Change YOUR TEXT HERE to whatever you want it to say.
Start new lines with a backslash and 'n' (\n) and change the text's colour by modifying the RGB (1.0,1.0,1.0) numbers in the carets.

Simple Rotation Script
Place into any prim that you want to rotate.
To slow it down edit the final llTargetOmega number in carets from 1 to .25.
To change the direction of rotation, edit the same number to a minus (eg: 0,0,-.25).
To change the angle of rotation edit the first two llTargetOmega numbers in carets (but be warned: this can make your item hard to grab hold of!)


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