Pretty in pink for just L$15

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Nov 292016

Hi, peeps!

Today’s look comes courtesy of the plethora of free group gifts at Gizza. And when I say ‘plethora’ I really mean it! There’s a huge area at Gizza’s landing point, dedicated to free gifts both for men and women. Everything from formal wear to high couture, to everyday stuff.

Firstly, you’ll need to be a member of the Gizza VIP group (it’s free-to-join). Copy this link and paste it into local chat in Second Life, then click the link that pops up in chat history. It will take you to the group page, where you can join. Make sure you have your group tag active before you start clicking the gifts! Ladies, make sure to take your menfolk with you, because they’ll find some great free stuff there, too!

Here, Mar is wearing the November 2016 group gift for women, which is a cutie-pie pink top with floofy cuffs and a flared short grey plaid skirt:

The skirt section comes in fits for Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus, Maitreya Lara, and Slink Physique and Hourglass, as well as standard sizing. The top comes in a clothing layer, as well as an all-in-one applier for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya.

Her shoes are from the (still-ongoing) L$15-per-item Halloween hunt at Ricielli. You’ll find them in pumpkin #20. They are fitted for Slink High, Belleza, Maitreya, and TMP, and they come in four colours: blood, midnight, potion, and pumpkin.

Mar’s hair is ‘Save the Queen’ from Rezology at The Free Dove (it’s also available for L$1 here on Marketplace). You’ll get a single style with a ‘naturals’ colour HUD. Her makeup is the freebie ‘Party All Night/Indifference’ eyeshadow from Mock Cosmetics at the Free*Style location (you’ll need to take the teleporter up to the second floor to find it!)

I’ve not included the earrings in the full cost of this look, because you can’t really see them too well under the hair. I’ll feature them separately in a different post, but for reference here, they’re group gifts from Swallow. That group costs L$30 to join (group link) and there are several lovely gifts on the wall. (The store also has a L$99 room, which is out of the main financial remit of this blog, but contains some absolutely gorgeous stuff, if you want to splurge a teeny bit more!) These ‘Deco’ group gift earrings have a colour-change HUD for both the metals and the fabric strips.

(In case you’re wondering what Mar’s skin is, that’s also by Swallow! I was teleporting around the latest Skin Addiction event and discovered Swallow’s beautiful skins that way. Since the event gives you 50% off, I picked up some demos and went back for this lovely ‘Roberta’ skin. Not cheap or free, I’m afraid – although it was only L$350 in the event – but one good skin with a set of appliers is all I need for the blog!)

Nov 262016

*taps blog*

Is this thing still on? It is? Oh, good!


I can’t promise that I’m back for good, but let’s see how things go, shall we? This will be a little bit of an adminny sort of post to begin with, but I have some bargains for you, too.

First up: When I logged on and saw how much my weekly stipend had added up to, I realised that Mar could afford a mesh body bit or two. So that’s one positive change around here: I can blog about cheapies (and freebies, although I think those might be a bit thinner on the ground!) that are specifically fitted for mesh bodies and mesh body parts, as well as non-mesh body stuff. That also means (wheee!) nail appliers, of which there’s a plethora of cheap-n-free options out there on Ye Olde Marketplace.

The financial focus of the blog will therefore shift a wee bit. I’ll try to stick as much to the old ethos of a L$75 maximum spend, but when it comes to things like skins with appliers and whatnot, I’ll probably do some special posts with a L$500 limit (or something thereabouts; I’ll feel it out as I go along).

The mesh bodies and body parts that Mar now has and will be blogging things for are:

  • Slink Physique Body
  • Maitreya Lara Body
  • Slink hands
  • Slink feet (flat, mid, and high – and I may get the kitten feet at some point, but those will do for now)

OK, so with that out of the way, onto the bargainage! I’m going to yoink you back into Halloween mode, because Ricielli’s Halloween Hunt items are still out in the store, and there are some scrummy bits to be found there. Here’s the look Mar put together for a paltry L$30 total:

The blouse and skirt are together in pumpkin #13 (which costs L$15) and only come in the colours shown. The heels are in pumpkin #8 (which also costs L$15) and those come in blood, midnight, potion, and pumpkin colours. The fit options are as follows (lordy, this bit’s going to be a tedious addition to the blog, I can tell!) –

Blouse & Skirt

  • Belleza Freya and Isis
  • Slink Physique and Hourglass
  • Maitreya Lara


  • Slink
  • Belleza
  • Maitreya
  • TMP

Here’s your limo to Ricielli. Make it snappy, because I don’t know how much longer those pumpkins will be out for!

Oh, and here’s Ricielli’s image for all the hunt items. Each one costs L$15:

Gothique (includes limited-time offers)

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Dec 092012

There are a couple of very limited-time offers in this look, so if you want them, you need to get your skates on!

The first of the limited-time offers is the dress. This is the Glitter Holiday Mesh Dress in black (other colours, and non-glittery ‘swirl’ versions also available) and it’s just L$60 today (Sunday Dec 9th) at Sweeter Than Candy. It’s part of the 60L Weekends offers.

The other limited-time offer also ends today, and that’s for the stunning Eternal Eyes in the ‘peak’ shade, from IKON. This is a group gift, so if you’re not already a member then paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group-join box (it’s free-to-join), then – with your group tag active – head to the IKON store and click the box inside for the freebie.

Hop behind the cut for info on all the other items!

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Seldom a Fulo

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Oct 282012

Seldom a fool? *nudge* Geddit? *sigh* Yep, I think that’s my worst title pun to date ;)

Ladies! Hie thee to Seldom Blue and hunt for a pumpkin, to find this lovely free dress. Here’s a wee clue for you: It’s easy to find, but you must look behind/For this dress full of class, take yourself to the glass.

Hrm. I should’ve been a poet!

Also in this look are a fabby pair of earrings, which are a gift from Fulo! at the Flawless sim. Right now, there’s a cart sale at Flawless. Each designer has a small cart full of items on it, at least one of which is priced at just L$50. So hop over there and see if anything takes your fancy!

Weekend smarts with R.icielli, YS&YS, and MichaMi

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Oct 062012

Holy cow, I haven’t blogged a Dressing Room collection for ages! The new one is a good’un, though, so here are a couple of items from it, together with one item from the latest mesh clothing hunt at R.icielli :)

The Statement in Pink mesh skirt is from MichaMi at The Dressing Room. Mar has teamed it with just one item – the Blake Jacket in black – from R.icielli’s new Halloween Mesh Hunt, at their mainstore’s mesh department. There are 20 items hidden in the store (they’re very easy to find; just look for the big pumpkins!). Each item costs L$15 to buy, so even if you grab the lot you’ll only be spending roughly what you might pay for any full-price mesh item at any top store :)

Mar’s skin is the oh-so-pretty Sofia Fresh skin from YS&YS at The Dressing Room, and her earrings are a free group gift from Bliensen + Maitai at the Violet Mafia location. Paste this link into chat and click it to join the Violet Mafia group (it’s free, but a busy group, so you might want to disable group notices and check manually once a week), then head to the Violet Mafia Headquarters & Speakeasy, where you’ll find tons of great freebies. Just wear your Violet Mafia group tag and get clicking!

Not free/cheap items in the pic: Shoes are by HoC Industries, hair by Truth, eyes by IKON, nails by Love Soul, poses by Glitterati.

Hop behind the cut for a pic of all the items in the R.icielli hunt :)

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Jun 172012

Ricielli is one of the best places for finding cheap mesh content, when they have their frequent store hunts! The current hunt is called the Valentines Brazilian Hunt. If you head to the Ricielli store you’ll find 19 pink heart balloons in the mesh department and one pink heart balloon in the skins department. Each balloon costs L$15 to buy, and most contain mesh clothing or accessories. There are large pictures all around the sim, showing you all the hunt prizes, so you can note down the numbers of the things you really want and go looking for those balloons, or you can click here to see the image. They’re really easy to find!

Here, Mar has put together an elegant look from six of the hunt items (please note: the hairpiece is just a side ponytail; Mar had to find a hairbase to go with it!). The hairpiece, dress, boots, and bag are all mesh items. The hairpiece comes in multiple colours, and the makeup is a multiple pack with lots of different palettes.


Take that as gospel!

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Jun 052012

Ladies, there is the most insanely gorgeous pair of mesh ankle boots waiting for you out there, and they’re absolutely FREE!

Gospel Voom, of GoS, has put this fabulous pair of pink Desire mesh ankle boots out as the store’s gift for the Mesh Around Hunt. The prize includes five rigged mesh sizes (for the newbies here, rigged mesh cannot be resized, hence you get several sizes in the pack, but they are directly attached to your avatar’s skeleton, so they move more realistically when you move) plus a bonus unrigged pair (which can be resized).

The Mesh Around Hunt blog is here, complete with all the SLurls you need, plus hints to prize locations. The hunt runs until June 15th :)

Brighten up wintertide with Rfyre

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Feb 052012

Hi, peeps! Yesterday Mar went to Rfyre to grab the gorgeous Wintertide Tux from the Womenstuff Hunt. Hey, it’s purple, which is her favourite colour, and it comes with multiple layers, including a skirt (if you don’t want to wear pants), two styles of pants, multiple neck options (bow tie, simple collar, collar-with-necktie, etc), and even undies!

The hunt clue for this prize is: “Place your self upon a pedestal and urn your prize…..”, which is reaaaally easy ;)

Mar has accessorised with a lipstick from a great freebie pack by R.icielli, which you can find here on Marketplace, prim nails from Love Soul, and versatile boots from HoC Industries. Her hair is a male style from the freebie wall at Exile.

Oct 172011

Come down off the ceiling. I’m not that scary! :p

Guess what, peeps? Frick is back! Yay! Fricka Morgath has set up shop again, and a gorgeous little Halloweeny shop it is, too, sitting in a lovely autumnal skybox surround. She currently has seven witches’ hats in the store, set out for L$1 each. Between them they contain five skins and two dresses, so hustle your orange-and-black butts over there and get hunting. It’s not difficult, and you should find them pretty easily. Also, hover your cursor over the ads in the store, because many of the skins are set for sale at cheaper prices than the ads show!

Now, Mar’s not gonna bombard you with Halloween stuff, so unless something else spookily great turns up, this is your Halloween outfit post for this year. She had a lot of fun in the sim that she visited to take these pics. It’s a great place to take your friends; full of spooky surprises!

Hop behind the cut for credits and tons more fun pics!

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Summer huntin’, had me a blast

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Aug 122011

OK, this has probably been blogged to hell and back everywhere else, but I’ve been away and it’s my turn to blog it, dammit! :P

R.icielli is running a Summer Hunt at their mainstore. There are 20 golden shells to find (they’re really easy to spot, so it’s a simple hunt) and inside each shell is a fabulous item. The shells cost L$15 each to buy, but consider this: if you buy all of them you’ll be getting 20 items for the price of one or two of the most expensive items in the store. That’s one heck of a bargain!

Here are just three of the items that Mar put together into a great outfit:

Hop behind the cut for a picture of what you’re looking for and a full list of everything available in the hunt :)

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