Help a much-loved kitty get well, and get a lovely skin and/or fun tattoo while you’re at it

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May 032013

Hi peeps :)

I don’t normally blog about this kind of thing, but this story touched my heart. I’ve had beloved pets fall terribly ill in the past, and I’ve struggled to meet veterinary bills for their treatment, and I’m sure that some of you have experienced that, too. Pets aren’t ‘just’ cats/dogs/birds etc; they become much-loved members of our families.

Voshie Paine of La Petite Morte is now going through the same thing with her cat, Alli, and she’s placed out a special version of her Wixson skin priced at L$100, and a fun kitty face tattoo priced at just L$10, to try and raise some money to help cover Alli’s vet bills. You can find the items here.

If you can’t afford the skin (or even the tattoo) there’s a tip jar beside them (the little bluebird). Even a couple of L$ will help (you remember Grandma telling you to look after the pennies and the pounds/dollars will take care of themselves, right?).

I’ll paste Voshie’s touching notecard after the cut. Voshie, I hope this blog brings poor Alli’s plight to a slightly wider audience, and helps you both out. Love, Mar <3

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Gothique (includes limited-time offers)

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Dec 092012

There are a couple of very limited-time offers in this look, so if you want them, you need to get your skates on!

The first of the limited-time offers is the dress. This is the Glitter Holiday Mesh Dress in black (other colours, and non-glittery ‘swirl’ versions also available) and it’s just L$60 today (Sunday Dec 9th) at Sweeter Than Candy. It’s part of the 60L Weekends offers.

The other limited-time offer also ends today, and that’s for the stunning Eternal Eyes in the ‘peak’ shade, from IKON. This is a group gift, so if you’re not already a member then paste this link into chat and click it to bring up the group-join box (it’s free-to-join), then – with your group tag active – head to the IKON store and click the box inside for the freebie.

Hop behind the cut for info on all the other items!

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