De-noob for Nowt: Golden Autumn

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Oct 202012

It’s been a while since I wrote a De-noob for Nowt post, and I’ve noticed that I seem to be moving away from ‘nowtiness’ and into ‘moneyness’ on the blog. Since this blog is called SL for Nowt, it seems rather silly of me to post almost exclusively about offers that you need some money for, be they the ‘up to L$75’ items, or the ‘L$50 pay-to-join group’ items. I need to start re-injecting the blog with nowtiness again!

To that end, I’m reviving this series of posts. The De-noob for Nowt posts contain entire avatar looks for free. Not a single Linden buck required to be spent. To that end, I have created a new alt (say hi to Ruth!) and she has absolutely NO money (poor lass!) I won’t be transferring even so much as L$1 to her, in order to buy a dollarbie. She’s skint and she’ll stay that way, so that I can bring you some entirely-freebie looks :)

Here’s the first, which I call Golden Autumn.

Everything in this look is absolutely free (and almost all from Marketplace), so hop behind the cut for more pics and info :)

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Spooktastic new eyeballs from IKON – this weekend only!

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Oct 062012


IKON has put out its group gift for October, and it will only be available this weekend (October 6th and 7th). If you’re not already a member of the group, paste this link into chat and click it to join (it’s free!), then head to the IKON store with your group tag enabled, and click the box by the back wall for this fabulous fatpack of Witch Eyes in 13 colours:

Under a hundred: Limited-time full male avatar

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Sep 022012

Normally I don’t blog about anything that costs more than L$75, but there have been rare exceptions in the past. Whenever I’ve done this, I try to label the post accordingly, thus this post is called ‘under a hundred’. Since this is a great offer for the guys out there (and offers like that tend to be few and far between!) it deserved to be blogged, despite coming in at a little over the price remit for SL for Nowt.

The item in question is a limited-time offer on Marketplace from R.icielli – of a full male avatar. The Brian avatar comprises: a modifiable shape, two hairbased skins (one midtone, one tanned – both shown in the first pic on this post), brown eyes, eyebrows, a pair of black boots, a fedora hat, plus two full mesh outfits: one pair of black jeans and one pair of blue jeans (four sizes of each) and one black blazer with white t-shirt and one brown leather jacket with black t-shirt (again, four sizes of each).

The avatar is currently on a promotional offer price of just L$99 on Marketplace.

Please note: this is a limited-time offer. At some point in the future this price may go up.

Jul 072012

Hi, peeps!

Ugh, it feels like it’s been raining for weeks here. When I logged into SL this morning, I wanted to find something summery and bright to cheer myself up, and find it I did!

Not only have the Baby Monkey shoe lucky boards been replenished with new items, but there’s also a new set of lucky boards upstairs, filled with mesh content. Mar won a great pair of faded black jeans and a fab one-shouldered summery top, and together with the July freebie sandals from SF Design, and a limited edition (this weekend only) gift from IKON and cheapie makeup from e.e.Linter, she’s all lime-d out!

Hop behind the cut for SLurls and info :)

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Maschienenwerk lives… as Santo!

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Jul 072012

Glory be! Maschienenwerk has not vanished off the face of SL; it’s merely re-branded as Santo. There are slightly fewer freebie items than there once were, but still plenty to be had in the store. If you join the (free) group you can also get other items, such as a fatpack of ‘Kicks’ sneakers, and two photorealistic avatars: one male, one female.

It’s one of these avatars that I’m showcasing today. I’ve noticed that it’s relatively easy (as always) to find good-quality cheap and free black skins for female avatars, but for male avatars a bit of spending is required. Well, Santo has put out as a group gift this amazing Ron avatar, which features a muscular shape, a fabulously-photoreal skin, brow shape, and brown eyes:

You’ll need to join the Santo group (paste this link into chat and click it; it’s free-to-join) and have your group tag active in order to get the avatar.

The Affliction Jeans and Camo T are also free, and you’ll find those on the floor of the store. The 6-Colour Kicks pack is also a group gift, and if you look around at that end of the store you’ll find tons of other great freebies, from boots and sneakers to t-shirts and jeans, even some mesh clothing.

You’ll find Santo in the middle of the incredible Wastelands regions, so get your grunge gear out and head on out. Here’s your beat-up old Hummer to get there ;)

I look in my Magic Mirror, and I can see…

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Jun 172012

…Mar! Yay, she can see me!

Heck, if you don’t remember watching Romper Room as a tiny thing, then your childhood was incomplete! The excitement of the host seeing you in her Magic Mirror was brilliant! And here’s something else that’s brilliant: the cute little baby blue polkadot mesh romper that G.Field sent out as a subscribe-o-matic gift!

Everything in this pic is a free group or subscribe-o-matic gift (except for the jewellery, which is all free on Marketplace)! To make things easier I’ll list the group links and the stores below, rather than burying them in a load of text ;) Just paste the links into local chat in your viewer.

Romper: G.Field (store) – subscribe-o-matic gift
Hair: Dura-Dura* (store) (group) – thanks to Spacecase Munster‘s fab Virtual Vagabonds group for the tip about this!
Skin: Al Vulo!* (store) (group) – click the sign inside the little shed
Shoes: Gabriel* (store) (group)
Eyes: IKON* (store) (group)
Bangles: PM Delight Water Bangles Set (Marketplace)
Earrings: PM Delight Water Set (Marketplace)

*Group tag must be worn when clicking in order to receive your gift.

All groups are (at the time of writing this post) free-to-join. Please don’t come and yell at me if you come across this post in several month’s time and the group’s owners have decided to instigate a join fee!

Headsup & three gifts: the IKON group has changed!

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Jun 172012

Hi, peeps!

Here’s a quick headsup and also an alert for three fabulous freebie gifts, all in the same place. The IKON store has changed its group. Previously, the group was called IKON V.I.P. but it seems that too many people were confused by the periods in the ‘V.I.P.’ bit, so there’s now a new group, called IKON VIP. Not only is it easier to remember, it’s also holding three stunning packs of eyes in its notices right now, to encourage everyone to move over to the new group!

The group is free-to-join, and membership enables you (while wearing your group tag) to grab the monthly freebie that goes out in the store. If you’re a member of the old IKON group, you need to make sure you switch to the new one (you can leave the old one when you’ve changed over) because the old one will soon be gone. And anyone wanting fabulous eyes should join the new group anyway!

Paste this link into open chat in your viewer, open up the chat window, and click the link to bring up the group join window. Once you’ve joined, check the group’s notices for one pair of Sunrise Eyes in Arabian Blue Light, one pair of Horizon v2 Eyes in Pale Glass, and one pair of Utopia Eyes in Dark red (perfect for the vampires and otherkin among us!)

Here are the Sunrise eyes:

Hop behind the cut for pics of the other two pairs :)

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Weekend treats!

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Jun 022012

Hi peeps!

I’ve been wandering around the Grid today, and found some gorgeous stuff. This all comes from just three stores (four, if you count the prop in the teaser pic) and everything is less than L$75, with one item completely free for this weekend only.

Hop behind the cut!

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This weekend only: Two free pairs of eyes at IKON

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May 052012

UPDATE: This offer is now over.

Hi peeps! The IKON group gift freebies for May have gone out in-store, and they’re gorgeous! You get two pairs this month: the Sunrise Eyes in ‘summer’ (a lovely green-gold shade) and the Utopia Eyes in ‘light silver and blue’. You’ll need to join the IKON group (it’s free-to-join, just paste this link into chat and click it, then make sure you’re wearing the tag when you click the boxes).

Note: These freebies will, as the picture shows, only be available this weekend. So hurry up!